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Please note that these are not a substitute for the Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions before signing up for this service.


Does it cost the school to have lunches delivered by ezlunch?
There is no charge for the school to offer ezlunch to their students & families. In fact, we provide a small percentage of revenue to the school in cash or vouchers.

Our school has no lunch room facilities.
Ezlunch is perfect for you, as all the food can be prepared and packaged at a local food supplier and delivered to your site ready for distribution to students. Now you can access suppliers who previously would not consider serving the school, due to the administrative cost involved.
Ezlunch allows any registered local food supplier to supply food to your school – good quality, fresh, healthy food can be available to your students and staff, every day, with no admin.

Our school has a tuckshop – how would ezlunch work with that?
Ezlunch can send food orders to onsite tuckshops to avoid pre-order processes, long queues and small change.
If you have an onsite tuckshop, your students will benefit by avoiding pre-order queuing and having significantly faster queue times for pickup. No money at school – it’s all done at home, and the tuckshop staff can spend their time preparing fresh food, instead of counting coins.
It works the same... family’s submit & pay for their orders online at home before 9am. Order and delivery details are printed at the tuckshop and the orders produced and packed. Students pick up using their ID or food is delivered to class – the process is flexible and will work with your requirements.
Your tuckshop will benefit by reducing their costs (no longer having to deal with payments, or open up before school).

What involvement does the school have?
Ezlunch has been designed to minimise the input required from schools. Orders and payments are all handled off-site. Food Suppliers will arrive with the food already packaged and labelled for each student, including room numbers or student id.
The school will simply need to nominate a delivery site and provide the necessary boxes for classroom delivery (if that is how you distribute the food). The Food Supplier will unload all bags into the relevant classroom box, for your distribution.
You will need to ensure that your families are aware of the service through your newsletter and other communications. We will provide information for this and a fridge magnet to hand out at the start of the service.

How do we get ezlunch in our school?
Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

What happens if there’s a problem with the food delivery?
Families can contact the Food Supplier directly. Their phone number is on the website ordering page. If there is an ongoing issue, you should take this up with the Food Supplier, and if it is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may bring it up with us. See the Terms & Conditions for full dispute resolution policies.

Can we choose the Food Supplier?
Yes! You are welcome to nominate Food Suppliers on your application form, and it will be your decision which food supplier you select, based on the menus they submit.



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