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Please note that these are not a substitute for the Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions before signing up for this service.


How does ezlunch work?
First you apply to become a supplier (see below). Once you are registered to supply a school(s), you will have uploaded your menu and pricing, and have a login assigned. You set up your labelwriter and we have an online conference to show you through the system. Families at the school will see your menu online, and place orders online. They pay at the website too. You will then be able to login and download your production list and packing labels at 9.10am every morning. You make, package and deliver the lunches to the school. No distributing menus, counting coins or tallying orders – ezlunch will do that for you online! You will be paid in one lump sum into your account each week.


How do I apply to become a supplier?

Get in touch. You have the opportunity to tell us if there are any local schools that you would like to serve, and that are within a reasonable distance of your kitchen for delivery.


Can I approach a school directly?

Absolutely! If the school is interested, let us know. We’ll then be in touch to get the final set up completed.


How do I receive the orders?

Once you are registered you will have a login and password. It is important that you keep these private and secure. Each morning during the school term, you will use these to login to You can then print your daily production list and your packing labels. These will be available from 9.10am. Your daily production list will detail the item and the number ordered of that item.

Your packing labels will detail the individual orders. They include the name, school and room number of the student, and their order. If they have ordered both hot and cold items, you will receive two labels for the student (one for hot items, one for cold items). You will use these to pack their order and to deliver orders.


To allow you to access your orders, you will need the following:

1. A computer with internet access

2. A printer (for printing the Production List on A4 paper)

3. A labelwriter (the exact model will be specified by ezlunch)

4. Labels (these will be specified by ezlunch, and you will be given details that will allow you to re-order).


Why do I need a labelwriter as well as my printer?
We have looked at all costs carefully, to ensure this service is as cheap for you to run as we can make it. Whilst inkjet printers are very cheap, they cost a lot of money every time you run out of ink – and for inkjet printers printing labels, that’s pretty often! Labelwriters are small and pretty cheap, but best of all... they never need ink... saving you a lot of money.


How much will it cost me to be a part of ezlunch?

Ezlunch will retain 12% of the revenue earned from the sale of food. You will need to ensure that your prices will cover this percentage, and your other costs, including the costs of the labels (these are approximately 9c each).


What happens if there are not enough orders?

If your school does not order enough lunches, despite your best efforts, you may ask to cease the agreement with that school. You will be expected to finish out the term and give notice per the contract.


How do I get set up with the school?

Give us a call and we'll get your account and the school account set up for you.


How do I get my menu online?

When your account is set up we will give you a login and password to allow you to set up and maintain your own menu online.


How do I update my menu?

See “How do I get my menu online?”. Menus are expected to remain current for a term. Each term some items may change (eg. Summer/winter items), however we would expect the majority of the menu to remain the same.


How often do I update my menu?

You will be asked to submit an updated menu 2 weeks prior to the end of each term. This will be loaded into the system in time for the school holidays.


What happens if a product on my menu becomes unavailable?

You can set “stock” levels for your menu items if stock is getting low. This will automatically close off orders for that item when the stock level is reached. Set stock to zero if none of the item is available.


What happens if my computer or printer stops working?

You must take all action necessary to get these working again in time for production and delivery. The production and delivery information is available on the internet so you may access it from any internet connected computer, with your login and password. It is advised to keep A4 label sheets (8 per page) available in case of labelwriter breakdowns. These can be used with any printer by selecting that print option on the website.


What do I do if I run out of an item one day?

You must use all means possible to fulfill the orders. If there is such a shortage that this is not possible, you may substitute an item of similar value and type (eg. a vegetarian alternative for a vegetarian main item, etc.). We do not expect this to be a common occurrence.


How do I get paid?

You will be paid directly into your bank account for deliveries made the week prior. On Friday you will receive an invoice detailing this. This will include all earnings from the sale of food, less our percentage.



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