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Welcome to ezlunch.co.nz... a company making great school lunches ez for everyone and trying to change the world – one lunch at a time!

Why change the world?


Well, once upon a time, one Mum (& lots of others as it turns out) became concerned that lots of kids had food in their lunchboxes that was not good for them.

At the same time, many parents were feeling that they had no support on days when it was all going wrong, with limited food services available at many schools, and clumsy processes requiring coins and envelopes.

At high school, kids were spending way too much time standing in queues for food, both before school and during school breaks.

Ezlunch.co.nz was founded in 2010 by concerned Mum, Sandra Finlay.
It was borne of her twin passions... nutrition for children, and technology... and out of her need for an occasional break from making school lunches!

"I researched ideas for ezlunch since 2008 with lots of fantastic Mums and teens, and brought together a talented team of parents to make ezlunch a service that all parents and kids will love to use, and that schools, tuckshops and local food suppliers will love too.

Log in, select from your tailored menu, pay using your ezlunch account and great food is delivered to your school... or available through the fast queue at the school tuckshop... no pre-order queuing required!

Our vision is for everyone to be able to access great food at school.


share ezlunch....Pass it on to any other parents or students you know... and remember to tell your Principal!

sign up my school ... A great way to get a petition going to let your school know that you want ezlunch.


Become a fan on facebook and make sure all your friends hear about us too.




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