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Ezlunch has arrived.
Here's what some of the parents say about ezlunch...

"Alarm broke. Woke up 40 minutes late. Super rushed to get kids off to school - then discovered bread for lunch was moldy! Clock ticking - what to do? A minute online and sushi ordered. Kids happy. Mum happy. Everyone left on time. Phew! Thanks again ezlunch." - Anita Johnson

"Just wanted to tell you that Ezlunch is brilliant and I use it all the time! A great range and so easy not having to send money to school each time etc." - Donna

"Just want to thank you again for your excellent service. I think ezlunch is a fantastic business and Beau looks forward to ordering his lunch every week!" - Mel, School mum

"Thank you for an amazing service, mums all over Auckland are blessing you!" - Patricia, May 2013

"Well done Ezlunch....Ordered first time on Friday; daughter enjoyed her lunch order and I enjoyed how easy it was to order!! Great idea and should be at all schools;) Thank you" - Jenny Holmes

"We are big fans of ezlunch!" Helen, school mum

"I love Ezlunch and I have been so glad that it's come to our school!" -
Felicity, Year 6 student

"Awesome. Convenient services:)" - Ivan

"Buying lunch on a Friday is his treat for the week, we love ezlunch!" -
Cheryll, school mum

"LOve your service, makes forgetting a loaf of bread or buying fruit for the lunches on way home not a problem. Sophia has liked everything so far. The popcorn is her fav" -

"Hi, just a quick note to say what a great site. We only opened an account yesterday and placed our first order last night. Then our daughter woke up this morning unwell and isn't going to school. It was so easy to cancel the order. Thanks!!!! " -

"Just placed my first order for Haley, so easy and the food looks so healthy - be using again for sure." - Misha

"Thank you for making ordering lunch online + delivery right to the school so simple! ezlunch is part of my weekly routine now. It's a great idea and much appreciated since some schools don't do lunch orders" - Brenda

"My daughter had her first Ezlunch last week and she LOVED it. We have ordered again for tomorrow. Also your website is so easy to navigate, very refreshing. Many thanks." - Robin

"[My daughter] gets ezlunch EVERYDAY, and I get no more complaints about her lunches. I felt a bit in competition in the beginning (their lunches being better than mine lol) but soon realised the advantages of not having to worry about what to pack etc etc as she gets to choose her favourites and it's healthy choices on top of that...so convenient...one less thing to worry about!" - Zerena

"Thank you ezlunch for coming to Devonport Primary - my 2 children really enjoyed their first hot lunch today and have asked me if they can order every Monday - they both said the food was delicious!" - Alice

"Cheers for making lunches so much easier. My daughter has just started at Howick primary, up until now I'd never heard of you guys, this will be her reg friday lunch. At her old school we had a different system for lunches, I'll be telling them about you guys. So much easier!" - Jo

"Love your site and your options! Tuesday & Friday mornings are so EZ for me now!!!!" - Fional, Sunnybreae Mum

“I am a Mairangi Bay mum, just wanted to say I think your service is absolutely fantastic! Awesome idea and my kids love your food”. Lisa, Mairangi Bay (June 2011)

"Thank you SO much for providing such a wonderful service. The kids loved the food and I loved not having to scramble around for change in the morning! You have certainly relieved a lot of headaches in my house." Julie Costello


“Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the fabulous lunches, she loves them and such a huge bonus they are healthy and fresh as there is so much rubbish being dished up to nz’s kids. You guys really deserve a massive pat on the back, for the great idea and the great standard of food prepared and delivered. Please pass on to your staff from a very grateful mum” Katie, Browns Bay School Mum (May 2011)


"I never have any cash when its time for a school lunch. Ezlunch is an easy and fun process... Now there's no more raiding the children's money boxes and leaving IOUs!. Very convenient. Love the graphics!." Bec, Mairangi Bay School mum.


“I love ezlunch – My life feels simple again!! Thank you soooooo much!!” - Claire, Milford School Mum (May 2011)


“it’s quick and it’s easy, they’re happy and I’m happy”


“When I run out of bread on a Thursday, I’ve got a solution”


"THANKS team. I just wanted to compliment you on your system. I ordered my daughter lunch today - about half an hour ago.........and now it transpires that she's going to have to stay off school cos she's really not feeling well. I thought an order cancellation (and refund) would be a long drawn out affair (which is the LAST thing I feel like dealing with ) and when I found out that it was just a matter of clicking a couple of buttons I was so RELIEVED. So - I wanted to quickly send this email while I could.......because it's so rare to receive formal compliments - rather than complaints. Have a great day, and a lovely long weekend." - Miriam (St Joseph's Takapuna mum)

...and here's what some of the teachers say about ezlunch:

"EZLunch take all the work out of offering this kind of service to our families. Great support, good food and really convenient for modern families" - Alan Jackson, Principal at Titirangi Primary School

"Many thanks for the fabulous service we get from EZ Lunch. It is the most painless lunch ordering system I have seen in a school setting. And the food is fantastic. My 10 yr old can manage the system herself, and when I was away recently I got an email confirming her lunch order so I know she can do it!" - Brenda McPherson, Principal at Windy Ridge School

"This is so great for teachers too:) love it, I can text my lunch order in if I am running late in the morning and I know that I have duty at lunchtime" - Erin


"Windy Ridge School has been using ezlunch for several months now and it's been 'a breeze'. I have not had to think about children's orders being in on time, their money in envelopes, wrong orders or late deliveries. The food is lovely and always freshly made (I have tried many of the options myself!) so the school staff members are enjoying this service as well. I hope this 'trial period' goes well for everyone concerned so we can all look forward to the summer menu. Thank you, Sandra, for suggesting this kind of lunch menu for our school." - Dinie, Windy Ridge School Office

“I find ezlunch to be incredibly useful, especially as a teacher that has such limited time as it is, lunchtimes are usually so busy with duties, meetings, something to be marked or photocopied. Ordering online without having to have cash is simple, and means I have one less thing to think about. Lunches are healthy and actually the perfect size for me, as I can still fit in something sweet too, and for under $10. The kids think it’s pretty cool when I get the same lunch as them too.” - Natasha, Teacher at Milford School

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