A fresh new look for ezlunch
17 September, 2021

We are excited to have launched the new look ezlunch website today. It feels like a fresh start. Something a bit fun while many of our team, schools and families are still locked down at home.


More than that, it’s finally retiring the last of our original website, built as we were bursting with excitement to be launching the first healthy online lunch platform in NZ back in 2010. I was so proud of our look then! How things have moved on!


Most of our families were on computers at home, using Internet Explorer, and now we have phone apps and Google for everything.


My kids have grown with it – from nappies for the youngest to now university for the oldest, they were the inspiration behind ezlunch and it has been an indelible part of all of our lives.


We celebrated our first ten schools, our first one hundred, our first million items sold. Now we have Kindo school payments, and ezlunch, with 430 schools across NZ and millions of items sold. No excuse for paper forms and raiding money boxes now!


With all that change, it was time to update and a great chance to start showing some personality and fun for our younger school eaters.


We hope our little characters and new look bring a sparkle to your day, as we continue delivering fresh-made lunches for many years to come!


Sandra. Founder, CEO, Mum.