Nurturing Healthy Habits: How Ezlunch Inspires Financial Responsibility and Nutritious Choices
25 March, 2024

Here at ezlunch, we believe that feeding students isn't just about filling their bellies; it's about nourishing their minds and fostering healthy habits that will last a lifetime. That's why we're thrilled to share some interesting trends and feedback from our 2023 annual survey, highlighting what ezlunch does well.


The main recurring theme that stood out is the flexibility and convenience ezlunch provides in the busy lives of our caregivers. 


With our online ordering system available 24/7, ezlunch allows caregivers to effortlessly plan and manage their children's meals, saving precious time. And when those delicious, healthy meals are delivered directly to the school,  it's also supporting local cafes, caterers, and suppliers. It’s a win/win!


However, one interesting theme that stood out for us was that many caregivers said they appreciated the opportunity ezlunch provides to teach their kids about financial responsibility. These caregivers are allowing their children to put their pocket money towards lunch orders and ezlunch is empowering these students to make their own choices, to understand the concept of budgeting, and appreciate the value of their hard-earned money.


Picture this: Your child earns their pocket money, or you assign them a weekly lunch allowance, and they eagerly ask you to log into the family myKindo account to place their order for the week. As they select from the nutritious options available, they're not just making a meal choice; they're making a financial decision. They learn to weigh their options, consider the prices, and make responsible choices within their budget. It's a valuable lesson that extends far beyond the school lunch table.


This is such a great concept, and one we will be taking with us as we continue to develop and improve our service. 


We understand the importance of fuelling young minds for success. By providing nutritious meals that help kids thrive and engage in their learning, we're not just delivering food; we're nourishing the future generation. 


So, as we reflect on the feedback from our valued customers, we're reminded of the impact ezlunch has beyond just providing meals. We're nurturing financial literacy, supporting local communities, and empowering children to make healthy choices—all while making life a little easier for caregivers. 


It's a mission we're proud to pursue every day!


Lana – Marketing, Mum